Download Video and Photo


Go to, find instagram video which you want to download. Now get the url/link of the instagram video. Paste the instagram video url/link in dinsta input box and click on “GO” button. Download Video.

The service, which helps to download several videos or photos at once, is available in free mode. The application is also designed to make reposts and complements Instagram with new features. A simple interface allows you to understand the program as quickly as possible, even for beginners.

This is not all applications and services that allow you to download videos from the popular photo network.(How to save photos from Instagram) Most of them are freely available, and they can be installed on your device for free. Programs are located in the app Store (AppStore or Play Market), depending on the operating system of the smartphone. Services can be searched on third-party sites, but in this case, the user risks the security of your device.