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Social networks continue to wage a serious struggle for the hearts of Internet navigators. After a rapid take-off, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg was forced to make room for new sprouts of virtual life. Instagram platform provides the best opportunity for uninhibited communication nowadays, which is reflected in funny photos and high-quality videos.

Famous personalities and brands prefer to report on their activities on this site. More than 95 million clips and pics appear here every day. Their number continues to grow. Instagram is across divides of age and taste, becoming a very visible part of everyday life.

You mind to keep the clip on your PC? It’s possible with DownloadsVideosFromInstagram

We all sometimes would like to save the content we love on our computer. This desire is explainable. Later on, when we’ll be visiting this site, finding a picture or video ain’t be easy. New posts will appear in the news feed. To search for in such circumstances the previous link will be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes the owners of the site themselves delete their material. We need a downloader for a PC or mobile or smartphone.

In the case of Instagram, we will be very disappointed. The company’s policy is that it’s almost impossible to download images or clips from Instagram. Almost! An alternative to the usual downloaders has appeared, and we are ready to talk about it. In fact, there are several alternative solutions. Many websites and applications are ready to offer their services of downloading files to your equipment. You can do this on DownloadsVideosFromInstagram.

The advantage of our service is the speed and ease of use. We do not burden you with additional information or a demand to pay. Instagrab application offers a tenuous interface and starts by pressing a virtual button. A few moments pass and the information you need is already stored on your hardware. Long movies can be copied, saved and received without much effort on your part.

Working with images

The computer sometimes fails. With even greater likelihood, we are disappointed with smartphones, tablets and mobile phones. You have probably often seen cracked screens in the tender fingers of children or the shaking hands of old people. We often treat our gadgets like a cutting board, shove them anywhere, sit on them with all the weight of our seats, drop them into the toilets and on the asphalt. Along with the breakdown of the gadget, the most valuable and unique images that we made can disappear. Are you annoyed? Save them to your Instagram account.

As already mentioned, it is impossible to have them back to a PC or smartphone using an ordinary loader. But now you have Instagrab. Even a child can handle it. Open the image you are about to download. All we need is a URL, which is located in the address bar of the searcher. Copy and paste it into the bar of the Instagrab tool. The picture you need appears on the application screen. It is ready to take the picture. Press the “Download” button and specify the route to the folder where the photo is planned to be placed. All are pretty simple. 

The developers did their best to remove any download opportunity from the most popular site on our planet. The reason for such a policy is not to make our life more complicated and less enjoyable. The administration of this site rightly believes that the lack of access to downloading makes the user spend more time on the site. You can keep on your gadget only the numbers and letters of HTML in order to return to Instagram again. This has its own logic. However, the user is not happy with this state of affairs.

We developed our application only because it was urgently needed. To obtain content from Instagram you need a third party. Our app is a magician who works wonders and makes the impossible possible. It allows you to bypass the prohibitions and use the missing Insta-benefits. I remind you that using our application you can download both your own and other users’ content. The wise developers, fortunately, cannot take the URL of the picture or video file from us. URL is all that we need to catch the goldfish of info in our networks. A fishing rod is a convenient and understandable online tool.

How much is it? Instagrab application is a gift to our users!

When choosing a tool that downloads from Instagram or another unapproachable site, you should be very careful. They can slip you a tricky demo of the program without informing you of this fact. Eloquent advocates of the product can entice you to the paid services, limiting access to some options. Finally, an unexpected trick may be included in the program when free customer service is temporarily suspended. Agree, this turn of events does not suit us very much. A free service may be accompanied by an abundance of advertising spam. The world famous social project YouTube adheres to such a policy.

I don’t think that the commercialization of views is going to add new supporters to the YouTube project. On the Internet, free market laws are fast and fair. Soon, some overly money-hungry projects will pay a high price for their greed. But getting a reputation back is much harder than earning fast millions. 

We do not hide the fact that some services on our website are paid. You may use paid options completing the questionnaire (or offers) or purchasing of mobile applications. But this does not change anything in the condition of the principal service that we offer. Take pics and movies from Instagram without any hassle and restrictions. By the way, soundtracks are also available for downloading — no conditions or limitation. 

Other Instagram users content is also available

After you get a good practice of downloading your own files, then pay attention to the pics and clips of other users. There is nothing wrong with this because other users have deliberately posted their content for public evaluation. Millions of account owners share their joyful and sentimental events, thoughts and useful information on Instagram. We are all particles of one huge anthill called the Earth. A quick and free exchange of information is a sign of our time. We help remove any restrictions on obtaining publicly available information.

Are you gonna keep some of this content on your smart phone? No problems! Then you can show your favorite photo or video to your friends, saving yourself from lengthy searches. This is very convenient. 

By sharing content with other users, you recruit new supporters of the site from which the file was downloaded. Unfortunately, the Instagram administration will not pay you for this activity. At least you will enjoy sharing information. 

Instagram Universe. Seeking events and friends

Instagrab application has a convenient search engine. You can find the desired content by hashtags. To do this, you write what you need in the search line and put the # symbol. To find a user using Instagrab, you should enter his name in the search bar. You may also obtain the content of other Instagram clients using our application. Follow the simple directives and enjoy the full features of Instagram. You ain’t violating the law with your right of access to public information.

Another advantage of our free app should be mentioned. You can view and download Instagram files without being a registered user of this social network. We will keep your incognito. This is sometimes very useful. Use our services for free! 

How to download someone’s Instagram story while keeping a secret of visiting?

In our completely transparent time, it is sometimes very important to be an invisible person. World fame on the Internet is far from always making a profit, and sometimes it causes real earthly problems. Therefore, some quite insightful people prefer an inconspicuous visit to Instagram and other social networks. Instagrab app gives the ability to obtain Insta-stories. This genre of online expression has become very popular lately. Millions of ordinary humans with an interesting fate can tell about themselves in a simple and accessible way.

Our story saver works as easily as a pic/video loader. All you have to do is copy the link of the story and paste it into the bar of the Instagrab tool. Press the “Download” button, and the desired content will smoothly flow into your tablet. Now you can read the favorite story without an online connection.

Instagram via iPhone and Instagrab

While you travel on an iPhone across the expanses of Instagram, you feel like at home. The developers of the project tried to make the owners of smartphones as comfortable as possible. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. You are kept inside by a nice design, ease of search and by super-interesting content. I want to stay here to live, but life, thank God, is material. We must make money, communicate with real, not virtual personalities.

We need to go to the toilet, take care of relatives and play sports. Do you mind to have a piece of Instagram that will only be on your iPhone? But the site administration has put a barrier to this desire.

But now you have Instagrab. Go into the tool and take everything you need to your iPhone. Even if you do not understand English at all, the simplest intuition will tell you which button to press. 

So, visit Instagram and open the movie you are gonna have on your iPhone. Three points hover in the upper right zone of the movie screen. Press on these points, and then click on “Copy Link”. It will be copied to your clipboard. The following step is to go to our website and open the Instagrab. Wait until the desired clip is found in the input field and press on “Paste”. The last step is to tap on the “D Now” key.

Instagram via Android and Instagrab

Android has great navigation capabilities on the World Wide Web. Thanks to an open platform, this operating system is constantly evolving, including new applications and features. However, the Android creators did not want to program the official version on the ability to upload files. 

This flaw will gladly fix the Instagrab application. It will help you upload your favorite files to your SD card or online storage. Everything is very simple. To get started, pick the clip you are gonna obtain. Open it for viewing, and then press on three points in the upper right zone. After that, click the “Copy Link” button and transfer the URL to the Instagrab address bar of the program. Click the “Download Now” button and wait until the session ends.

Saving pictures

Instagram is a convenient place to store a large number of photos. From here you can upload back your pictures if the smartphone suddenly loses them. You can find a large number of useful or funny images posted by other Instagram users. In this virtual universe, it is never boring. The developers took into account the psychological motives of users, which make them stay in this fascinating matrix for hours, months, years.

They made sure that you could not download their content. This is a door in one direction. That’s understandable, because if you can take their contents and save it on your smart phone, then the social site itself is no longer needed. If you share pics and videos outside of the site, the managers are worried. Therefore, the administration has banned obtaining the content.

Instagrab app will help regain freedom of action. You need to open the site and take the URL ref of the desired image from there. Paste it into the address field of the program and press the “Download” key. Now you know how to stay free, regardless of restrictive policy. Using the Instagrab application is absolutely legal and does not infringe anyone’s copyright. We have an independent development team that makes the Internet better. Become a part of our team!